Studio Information


Fees: There are 38 lessons in the year which are divided equally between the 10 months of the school year. This will keep your payment the same each month, ​even though some months may have more or less actual lessons​. I follow the school holidays with 2 weeks off at Christmas and 2 weeks off for spring break in March. Payment is due on the last day of each month beginning on August 31 and ending on May 31.

1⁄2 hour lesson – $106/month

45 min. lesson – $159/month

1 hour lesson – $212/month

There is a 5% discount for families with more than 1 student in lessons and a 7.5% discount if your total lesson time is 1 1⁄2 hours or more.

Your monthly tuition covers:

  • The lesson time
  •  Lesson planning time and resources for the lesson
  • Emailing, phoning and texting communication, when needed
  •  Recital rental fees
  •  Photocopying and book loaning
  •  Professional fees
  •  Maintenance of studio and instruments

Missed Lessons: My studio policy is that makeup lessons are only granted for lessons missed due to ​sickness or family emergency​, to a maximum of one per semester.​ If I have to cancel a lesson(s), I will certainly make up the time for you or offer reimbursement at the end of the year if the situation warrants this.

Practicing: Regular practice is a requirement with lessons. This means at least 5 days a week on a good instrument. Please make sure ALL books come to lessons and that fingernails are kept trimmed. Parents are to be involved in the learning process for their children.​ ​This means being aware of assignments your child is working on and helping them keep a practice schedule. Poor practice will be addressed by discussing together what can be changed to help practicing be more successful. If poor practice is consistent, termination of lessons will be considered.

An Acoustic Piano

A satisfactory, working acoustic piano is a necessity for lessons. A piano technician is an important person to help you maintain the instrument through tunings (at least once a year) and making sure all keys are regulated and pedals are working. If you do not yet own an acoustic piano, plans should be made to begin looking for a suitable instrument.

Recitals, Festivals, Exams or Competitions

I host two recitals each year for all students. Students who are interested and able may participate in festivals, exams or competitions. I reserve the right to ask a student who is not properly prepared for an upcoming event not to participate.

Parent/Teacher Conference

On the last lesson in November, February, and May, I will take a portion of the lesson time to speak with parents and students about any questions, or concerns that need discussion. It will be a time where parents and students can share their observations. We can celebrate success and solve problems together.

Termination of Lessons:

If it becomes apparent that the student and/or family does not comply with the points outlined in these policies, or does not follow the suggestions I make regarding lessons, I reserve the right to terminate lessons. If you decide to terminate lessons part way through the year, 1 month notice is required. Payment obligations will terminate 4 weeks after initial notice is given.