My Approach

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My Approach

My approach is largely classical, with emphasis on a healthy technical approach to the piano, keyboard knowledge, artistry, and music theory.  I use the Russian based series “Tales of a Musical Journey” by Irina Gorin for beginning students.  I also introduce elements of composition, improvisation, keyboard harmony and history to further develop musical skills.

Learning how to connect with music, practice effectively, and perform confidently are the main focuses of my teaching.  Students who understand and enjoy music will be able to communicate thoughts and emotions through their playing.  Music is considered a performing art, so I encourage students to work towards recitals, exams, masterclasses, festivals or other venues that provide a clear path.  I host my own recitals twice a year, and encourage students to collaborate with other musicians through duets or accompanying.

Parental involvement, especially for students under the age of 12, is crucial for student success.  Parents are expected to be aware of what their child is working on each week, and to help and encourage their child along the way.  Being an active part of your child’s learning will allow them to reach their own potential and keep them enjoying and progressing in their skills.  Check out my studio newsletters on the homepage for more information.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching and I love music and what it gives to people.  It is a gift to see music inspiring students and helping them become confident communicators.  The greatest reward for me is when students feel they can play easily and confidently for themselves and others.